1194- 1239 The EveryBees

46 of the 50,000 hand-painted bees offered as individual bees on board! 

The idea of this series came about through a meditation about the idea of the bees being everyone’s. I wanted to offer people that could not participate directly in the initiative, an opportunity to support the work. Capturing the early stages of the journey on film is key to telling the entire story of this initiative. These bees will help fund that aspect as well as larger installation pieces that can be disassembled and reassembled in other places as the initiative grows. I also wanted to create a piece that could help keep the cost down for an actual mural which will allow us to go places that wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford it. I believe that the one-on-one activity on a mural site is the most important work that happens, but I also think the next best thing is video that shares this journey with others.

This bee is big enough to be seen from the street if it is on your porch as if to proudly say “Bees are welcome in this yard!” Our dream is that every yard will be a safe place for bees someday.

This is a rare opportunity to collect a piece of this global initiative!

Each piece is 22" x 30" on board and coated for UV protection. Not recommended for exposure to direct weather. Designed to be put on the porch under an overhang or in your home. I have already started painting these bees and they are being shipped throughout 2017 in the order they are received.