Pop-Up Gallery Event

(Heron mark Tattoo & Gallery - Asheville, NC)


The swarm has landed in Asheville, NC! 

Each one of the Earth Day bees are available for purchase with 100% of the sales going to funding one of our upcoming mural projects in Montecito, CA. With each Earth Day Dee sold, we are given the opportunity to connect people at mural sites around the world, continuing to raise awareness around the bee, pollination and the environment we all share.

This immersive art installation carries a unique story with it; a collaboration between The Good of the Hive and women’s clothing retailer, Anthropologie. The Earth Day Bee swarm will be installed in two locations this spring in collaboration with Anthropologie, on display April-June at the downtown Asheville (NC) and Rockefeller Center (NYC) locations. Anthropologie is providing the platform for hundreds of thousands of people to see these installations, each person being given an opportunity to slow down, observe and wonder. 

The Good of the Hive is expanding in our efforts to creatively and effectively engage with everyone we encounter through the power of art and strategy of activism. What will happen as we gather people together in places and spaces around the world to experience immersive art in support of the bees? 

We can’t wait to find out…

Earth Day Bee

Earth Day Bees