World Bees

(Bees 1240-1816)


This piece was in my head for over a year and then a little synchronicity nudged it into being. My best friend Michelle called me one day in 2016 and said “I keep thinking you should paint the world map as bees and honeycomb.” To which I replied (somewhat sarcastically) “Yes, I will get right on that with all of my spare time.” As we talked further, I made it clearer for her that I would have to be commissioned to do it because I just don’t have a month to take off right now. No joke, 3-5 days later, my phone rings and a woman says, “Hi. My name is Susan Wingfield (WING FIELD!). I am a designer and collector and I would like to commission a painting of the world map as bees and honeycomb.”

The original is done in gold paint and is approximately 4 feet x 8 feet. The bees are the size of actual bees. The piece took me the better part of winter 2016/2017.

This piece has come to symbolize something greater for me. It shows the world as one hive. The more I work with bees, the more I see the beauty and truth in this metaphor.

I am hoping that someday we will be able to paint this mural on a hundred-foot wall so I can take it to another level of detail in terms of coastlines.