Honey & The hive

weaverville, NC

(Official Count In Progress)


There has not been a sweeter bunch of people on any project than at this beekeeping supply and honey shop in Weaverville, NC. This woman-owned and operated business is all about the beauty and awe of the bee. 

They had reached out to me and said that if I ever had time, they would love to be part of this initiative… and they meant it. I called them out of the blue because a big project we had been planning on had to be postponed by a year or more at the last minute. We are a small business and when 6 weeks of painting work evaporates, it is a big deal for us. When I called, they moved with the speed of a bee to keep the initiative buzzing! We had movie nights out in the grass, evenings with art and music in the store. I have never felt more appreciated and cared for. They truly are a hive operating as a business. 


35.6971° N, 82.5607° W