Community Center

Peterborough, NH

(Official Count In Progress)


When people ask me where I am from, I often say New Hampshire even though I have only lived there for one year of my life. I grew up with grandparents and cousins in NH. My parents were raised there and moved back when my brother and I were grown. It is a quirky and magical state. So when Melissa Stephenson, a beekeeper from Peterborough, emailed excitedly about bringing The Good of the Hive, it was a pretty easy sell for me. Plus, I thought, how awesome to go to New England in the summer! What’s that expression? ‘Want to make God laugh, tell Her your plans!’ It was hotter than you-know-what this summer in New Hampshire! The wall we chose was in full sun morning to night, but despite the heat, this was a really special experience for me as the founder of this initiative. The town is filled with people that are incredibly accomplished and aware of the need for balance within the environment. They understood what this initiative is all about and supported us and our imaginative ideas fully. 

We had a community dinner, we did various speaking engagements around town and we even threw the first ever World Bees Concert. It is a dream of mine to get people dancing and singing with (and for) the bees. Maeko, a hip-hop artist from Boston had reached out to me the year before because he was recording an album of songs about the hive as metaphor for life. He is also the lead singer of a super amazing band called Winona and the Riders. Because they were close enough to drive up and perform, I asked them to come do a free concert for the bees and they enthusiastically agreed… and unknowingly, the only day they could perform was National Honey Bee Day! (I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!) Wild Eyes Band, an amazing trio out of Nashville happened to have a cancelation and jumped in as well. It was a dream come true for me. We fully plan to create a series of concerts around conservation and environmental issues and this was a beautiful beginning. If we are going to have to work hard to repair the environment, we are going to need to do a lot of dancing along the way.

The New Hampshire Honey Bee Initiative was founded as a result of The Good of the Hive coming to Peterborough. This is the vision manifested. We hope to inspire as many people as possible to create their own versions of initiatives that raise the consciousness around our critical friends, the bees. 


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