Quest University student and beekeeper Cameron Nielsen explores everything 'bee' as he vlogs from San Francisco to Iceland for The Good of the Hive

"In late November of 2015, I received an email from a 20 year-old student that was all about his love of honeybees, his passion for communicating their importance to others and his belief that art can play a huge part in doing just that. He ended the email with ' are starting an initiative that I dream of being a part of.' Anyone that has ever taken a leap of faith toward their dream will understand how it felt to read that. Not only did he spearhead this vlog endeavor, he also scouted and helped set up a mural at a school in Squamish, BC for 2017! I am thrilled to have Cameron be a part of The Good of the Hive and I am proud to call him my friend." -Matthew Willey

Vlog 6 - Cameron takes his vlog to Hot Springs, NC to talk with Lady Spirit Moon, President of the BEe Healing Guild.

VLog 5 - Cameron and a classmate discuss bees in the Netherlands

Vlog 4 - Cameron Nielsen takes his vlog to Iceland and explores the relatively new world of beekeeping in the land of fire and ice.

Vlog 3 - Bees in LOGS up in trees?! If this sounds interesting to you, give Cameron's latest vlog a watch!

Vlog 2 - When you think of a beehive, you probably picture a wooden box! However, this video flips the perspective and shows beehives as round straw homes (sun hives). This is totally cool and new to North America! 

Vlog 1- Cameron's "Bee-Ventures" begin!

A sample overview of Cameron's vlogs.
Like the bee-shirt Cameron is wearing in his videos?   Click here.

Like the bee-shirt Cameron is wearing in his videos? Click here.