The Bee Barns

Lyons, Nebraska

(Bees 1875-1892)


Good Taste Farms owner, Jeff Cassler was trying to grow native vegetation and farm at organic levels. Being surrounded by big agriculture and GMO farms made it impossible. One of his biggest challenges as he tried to adhere to organic farming standards was that crop dusters were dropping pesticides that were floating onto his farm.

He offered his barn as a canvas to bring attention to this very complex, very big issue. We painted our biggest bees thus far so they could be seen from planes flying overhead! Small things, whether it is a farm or a bee, often get ignored simply because they are small. We made the bees big enough for their visual voice to be heard. 21 feet long to be exact.

As we talked with people around the area, including farmers, it became clear that the story was not really about crop dusters. The crop duster pilots were simply people that love to fly. They were a piece of the puzzle, The real story and the one we hope to draw more attention to in the future is about the seeds. Seeds are owned by companies these days. This was something I’d never really thought about. To an artist, everything is a symbol and a seed is no exception. Seeds symbolize hope and possibility. It is quite a scary, eye opener when ‘possibility’ is owned by an entity designed around money and not based in pure human potential. Humans are more than we perceive. We are an evolving species. Possibility and hope are what drive us. It is what allows us to hover in the uncertainty long enough to expand. To have someone own that is something we really need to look at as a culture and a world. 


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