(Bees 1-16)


This mural was the first in the series to raise awareness about the struggle of the honeybee. It was also where the initiative began. The mural was painted in sweltering heat over the course of ten weeks. The entrance to the shop’s observation hive is in the middle of the wall being painted, so I was often working for hours with busy honey bees flying all around me. And not only did I not get stung once- I came to enjoy their company! By the time the mural was completed the idea of The Good of the Hive was born.

But this mural is not just about honeybees. When I approached them about the project, murals were illegal in the town. But the town came together to change the law in order that we could paint the mural. There was no money for the project, yet the town and people from around the country got together to fund it. This mural is about bees, but it is also about what can happen when people connect for a common purpose. It is about the people of LaBelle coming together to breathe new life into their town. It is about 65 cyclists stopping to rejuvenate here as they rode across Florida to feed hungry kids. And it is about a family that has been in the business of caring for honey bees for over 60 years. In the end, this mural that started as a painting about the honey bees ended up being more than that. It became a story about the beauty of the human spirit.


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