The Bee Barn - Lyons, Nebraska

Small Farm, Big Agriculture

Thank you to everyone in Lyons, Nebraska!

Good Taste Farms owner, Jeff Cassler reached out to us last fall. He is trying to grow native vegetation and farm at organic levels, but is having trouble. Being surrounded by big agriculture and GMO farms makes it very difficult to be different. One of his biggest challenges as he tries to adhere to organic farming standards is that crop dusters drop pesticides that float onto his farm.

He has offered his barn as a canvas to bring attention to this very complex, very big issue. We painted our biggest bees thus far so they can be seen from planes flying overhead! Small things, whether it is a farm or a bee, often get ignored simply because they are small.  At The Good of the Hive we believe that seeing is bee-lieving. We make the bees big enough for their visual voice to be heard. And as my dad used to say about me (and I pass this sentiment on to the bees), we may be small, but we are mighty.

PS. Nebraska is stunningly beautiful.