Gastonia, NC

(Bees 1817-1874)


This town is filled with history, community, southern kindness and beauty. Merryman Cassels' stationery and custom design house called Hive Design functions, in many ways, as the buzzing heart of this growing artist's community. She is a beekeeper, designer, astrologer, historian, and friend to all who enter this unique 'hive' on Main Street in downtown Gastonia, NC. 

She was one of the first people to reach out to The Good of the Hive when we started looking for locations to paint. She was ready and willing to help fundraise and simply ‘got it’ from the beginning.

The idea of her ‘hive’ coming together with The Good of the Hive turned out to be an explosive combination. Gastonia is now a Bee City USA member and the mural brought some real energy to the revitalization of their downtown community. Art is magic, but when art and bees land in a community of good people, anything becomes possible.


35.2637° N, 81.1825° W