Douglas Schantz

Washington, d.C.

(Bees 17-48)

Behind every successful artist, there are patrons that support their work throughout their careers with a type of enthusiasm that fuels the artist in mind, body and spirit to continue. Douglas Schantz is one of those patrons for me. When I first told him about The Good of the Hive he lit up with excitement for the project. I had not launched the initiative yet and was spending at least 40 hours a week researching, drawing, designing and reaching out to the beekeeping community. I was trying to make a living with my painting in between. Doug is not a beekeeper and has no real relationship to bees, but he immediately thought of a place in his incredible home where I could paint some bees. I believe that the Universe responds when we leap. By saying ‘come paint bees on my wall’ the initiative got a boost of some cash and I connected with the necessary reality of having the bees take care of me as I try to help raise awareness about them. So although it is not a public, outdoor mural, Doug’s bees were huge for me as an artist, so they are officially a part of the story.” 


38.9168° N, 77.0242° W