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Day Seven: What May we Offer?

Giving a gift is such a wonderful, lovely feeling. The deeply permeating, full-body goosebumps feeling of giving something special to someone special, well that feeling sits pretty firmly on the top shelf of life.

Another layer of giving is tied to our daily gifts, our consistent (or perennial if we want to get flowery about it) offering to the people we encounter. Not always, not to everyone we ever bump into, but when the timing is right and it makes sense, what do you look forward to offering to others?

What we have to offer says something about ourselves, if we let it. The more we put ourselves into what we give, the more vulnerable we have to be. I am giving you ____ because ____ means ____ to me and I hope it can mean ____ to you. Breaking it down to a math formula doesn’t exactly to it justice but you get the point; none of that can happen without recognizing what is meaningful to you and what might be meaningful to someone else. The whole process is connective, all of it asks for caring human interaction and thankfully, that is (fairly) simple.

Instead of looking outside of ourselves and being told by pop culture what to buy and what to offer, what if we slowed down and paid attention ourselves? A thoughtful, hand-written letter acknowledging someone else’s life and weird quirks and values and progress and them-ness, if that’s a word, often means WAY more than a barely-thought-through expensive gift, but why?

Because if done properly, what we offer to others, what we gift is actually just the token, just a material representative for what we are actually trying to say. The intent behind the thing is what counts, so when we offer anything at all of any size, color, shape, cost, etc. we are in that same moment saying something specific to the receiver, whether we know it or not. 

So what is your intent today with what you might offer? We all have something to contribute to the hives we are a part of, what do you intend to offer, which really means, what need do you see in your community that you are deciding to give yourself to? What are you trying to elevate or value with how you offer yourself today? What are you saying with what you will attempt to give?

Tell us all about it (or at least a little bit more) via the form below, we can’t wait to hear your stories!

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