Burning Man

Black Rock City, Nv

(Installation Collaboration)

Day 11: Embracing Change

"I often say there is no way we are going to save the bees and the environment if we don't do some dancing and make out with each other a little in the process. Why do we tend to only celebrate the changes we choose to make? What if we celebrated change itself? Life must be infused into the process of change or we are doomed. The bees celebrate life with every beat of their wings. They carry life from flower to flower and back to the hive. They dance... and so should we. The world as we have known it is shifting and changing. This has the potential to be very bad for humans. We need to take that seriously, but we do not need to become sad, angry people in the process. If we let some old ideas burn, invariably something different will rise from the ashes. Plus, we get to do some dancing around the fire in the process." - Matt