Burning Man

Black Rock City, Nv

(Installation Collaboration)

We went to Burning Man. That happened. In real life.

However, what that means exactly isn’t exactly clear… yet.

We had an INCREDIBLE adventure, met some of the greatest people in the universe, collaborated on an amazing installation project, lived without a proper shower for 13 days, chugged water until we couldn’t anymore, lived in minimal clothing most of our waking hours, biked around in the dust for mile after beautiful mile everyday, witnessed mind-blowing installation art at ridiculous scale everywhere the eye could see, learned how to work together at a new capacity and leaned into the challenging and beautiful personal work that the playa revealed.

There is so much to share, almost too much,
so we are going to post photos and video over the coming days that
(hopefully) bring you into magic that was and is The Good of the Hive at Burning Man.

Day eight: bearing it all


Read the full story in the archive below - Day 8: Bearing It All

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