Burners & BBQ

Asheville, NC

(Bees 779-799)

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I originally thought that I wasn’t going to be able to attend this event and I was bummed about it! There were going to 50 artists from Asheville and beyond all painting in the River Arts District for one weekend. It was an awesome street art extravaganza. But apparently the bees had other ideas. I had to come back to Asheville for something last minute and when I got here, my beloved 1999 Ford Ranger completely died. She made it up the mountain to my house and the head gasket blew. Ka-put! So since I was stuck in Asheville for a few days, I went down to Burners & BBQ to check things out. As soon as I talked to Ian Wilkinson (founder of the event) he said “Why don’t you paint some bees over here on the back of this tractor trailer.” Since the event was deep into it’s second day, the two guys that were painting on either side of the truck were pretty far along in their work. To the left was a giant spray painted skull. And to the right, was a giant heart with the word Love being written over and over by the artist. So, it seemed, the bees were landing between death and love. I decided to take Ian up on his offer and join in. I was there a full day beyond the event, but it was worth it. The power of all of those artists in one area was amazing. It occurred to me that this was like an out-picturing of the essence of what people come to Asheville seeking. Creativity, activism, diversity and ‘soul’ in abundance. A friend once told me “everyone has a soul, but very few people have soul.” Asheville people have soul. Burners & BBQ is proof. The bees fit right in.


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