Broadstone Sky Building

Seattle, Washington

(Bees 245-601)

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This mural is the first of what has become many meditations on the idea of the honey bee swarm. The swarm is an incredible, natural behavior of a healthy honeybee hive. It is one of the most elegant and sublime experiences in the natural world, and contradictory to what people generally think, honeybees are definitely not at their most aggressive when swarming. It is the natural expansion of a healthy, thriving, hive. It is also a cleansing process and has been known to give the bees enough of a fresh start to cure viruses and even remove a mite problem from a hive. It is one of the best examples of the hive acting as one mind or super-organism. It is a symbol of a new beginning.

This was yet another evolution from The Good of theHive being an idea in my mind to reality. Although not entirely public- this mural is in a residential lobby- it was commissioned by one of the owners of the building in support of me as an artist, as much as it was about the bees. But as I hung out and painted bees on the wall, the residents as well as the owners really joined in and got excited about the mission.

This mural was inspired by Broadstone Sky being a place of connectivity, togetherness, and new beginnings. Thank you to everyone at Broadstone Sky!

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