Lake City

Lake City, SC

(Official Count In Progress)


When the Lake City Beautification Committee approached The Good of the Hive about painting a mural in their town of about 7000 people, we knew that they annually host an art fair, called ArtFields. What we did not know is that each year in April, literally tens of thousands of people descend on this small town to see world class art curated from 12 states throughout the south. It is no joke. We were blown away.

This mural started with little to no interaction. Snow was still falling as the first bees landed on the wall and there were three people staying in the hotel downtown. By the time it was done it was over 90 degrees and we had spoken to over 2000 kids and thousands more adults about bees, pollination, art and the power of human connection. This small town is reinventing itself around the idea of art and community and The Good of the Hive was blessed to experience it. It became one of the most powerful examples of the initiative’s ability to carry a message… all because the community showed up to engage in the story we are sharing around the world. Bees and humans, we are in it together. 


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